CNN Features SOAR
Play this video - CNN Features SOAR CNN Features SOAR
Unable to fly for 18 years, Laura triumphs over her fear of flying. CNN follows her from start to finish as she is able to take her first flight after doing SOAR – even on a turboprop! Also listen to a radio interview with Laura.
Fear of Flying - Cause and Cure

Play this video Fear of Flying - Cause and Cure Fear of Flying - Cause and Cure
Often it starts without warning. Once it does, nothing seems to help. If you have tried everything, see this video. We can help. We guarantee it!

The Jell-O Exercise

Play this video The Jell-O Exercise The Jell-O Exercise
Though the plane is safe in turbulence, it may not feel safe. In part, this is because there seems to be nothing holding the plane up. Nothing, that is, that can be seen. The Jell-O Exercise helps you picture what holds the plane up.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise
Play this video - The 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise The 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise
SOAR provides automatic control. If you have no problems with panic attacks or elevators, this exercise can get you through a flight. If you do have trouble with these, you will need the automatic control provided by SOAR.
Understanding Turbulence
Play this video - Understanding Turbulence Understanding Turbulence
Several things can cause turbulence. None are a threat to safety, as this video explains. Knowing this helps intellectually. But what about the emotional distress that happens when there is turbulence? SOAR controls the feelings automatically.
SOAR For the iPod, iPhone, or Laptop

Play this video SOAR For the iPod, iPhone, or Laptop Controlling Imagination
Thoughts of being up high can cause panic. Even seeing a plane overhead made Kelli feel anxious. She explains how she learned to control her imagination, and manage the fear with the help of her iPod.