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Most attempts to treat fear of flying with:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, relaxation, VRET or medication fail.

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Though medication can reduce anxiety on the ground, it sharply increases panic and anxiety when flying. According to research at the Stanford University School of Medicine, alprazolam (Xanax) was associated with a ten-fold increase in panic attacks during flight, and increased heart rate or other stress indicators.

Breathing-Relaxation Techniques (other courses)

Research repeatedly shows that relaxation techniques, the basis of most other programs, provide little or no benefit. A research study at Georgia State University states, "breathing relaxation, perhaps the most popular anxiety-management skill, was not related to reduced flying anxiety".  

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Research shows fearful fliers who receiving VRET treatment benefited less in the long run than a comparison group that sat on a parked airplane and thought about flying.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

SOAR was the first fear of flying program to use CBT. We found that clients whose anxiety develops slowly benefited from some CBT techniques, such as responding to the first awareness of fear by saying "fear does not mean you are in danger". Because it depends on statements, CBT cannot keep up with anxiety or panic that develops quickly.

SOAR stops claustrophobia, high anxiety and panic by establishing protection prior to flight that works automatically during flight. Every
research study has shown SOAR to be highly effective.


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