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Flying Tomorrow or Soon

Streaming & downloads available as soon as you enroll (DVDs optional)

Rapid Relief
& Complete Relief

So many people get unexpectedly anxious just before their flight that we have created special programs to provide effective help with fear of flying in the shortest time possible.

Even if your flight is tomorrow, it is not too late to make a huge improvement in how you feel.

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Flying tomorrow or soon
Immediate help by phone
Personal Phone Consultation

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Rapid Relief
Flying tomorrow or the next day

18 Videos 3:04 hrs


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Downloads - Internet connection required.  Can view on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows devices including phone and BlackberryCounseling - A phone counseling session with Captain Tom Bunn included

Stream or download immediately

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What Does It Do?
It teaches you automatic control
It is designed to STOP fear of flying (high anxiety and panic) before it can even start

What If You Have Tried Other Things?

SOAR was established to deal with “hard core” cases of fear of flying no other method could help
No other form of help (hypnosis, drugs, other courses, other forms of therapy) is as effective with the fear of flying
Most people who contact us have tried “everything” for their fear of flying with no success. We can guarantee your success

How Is It Guaranteed?
A guarantee is available when you upgrade either of the accelerated programs -- Rapid Relief or Complete Relief -- to the full length Guaranteed SOAR Program which consists of eleven DVDs (or MP4 discs) and two hours of counseling for fear of flying.
After completing the Guaranteed SOAR Program: when you fly, if you are not satisfied, you receive a full refund.

How Can I Upgrade To The Guaranteed Program?
What you pay for Rapid Relief or Complete Relief is fully transferable to the Guaranteed SOAR Program. It is also fully transferable to the SOAR Video Course.

Is There Someone Available If I Need Help? What If I Need A Counseling Session?

A half hour consultation with licensed therapist and airline captain Tom Bunn LCSW is included at no extra charge by calling between 10 AM until 7 PM Eastern Time at 877 332-7359 or 203 258-4803.

A full length counseling session can be arranged. Schedule a session online or call at the times above.

Calls from the airport are accepted at any hour if you email Capt Tom the date and time of your flight.







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