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Psychology Today Blog

A fear of flying blog by Captain Tom Bunn

Fear of Flying Blog


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Thinking Style Influences Feelings

Feelings come from two sources: conscious processes and unconscious processes. &nbspAs these sources interact, if cognition and unconscious are healthy, they stabilize the person, help the person adapt, make good judgments, decisions, and commitments. Unhealthy processes do the opposite.

The number one problem with unhealthy conscious processes is "psychic equivalence." When a person falls into psychic equivalence, he does not question his thoughts, his views, his beliefs, or his "take" on reality. He engages in no self-examination, no self-critique, nor self-correction. Instead, an anxious flier who has fallen into this state says, "I just know that if I get on that plane I will die."! more


TV  Show Traumatizes Anxious Fliers

NBC's Rock Center, Friday, February 8, 2013, featured the belly landing of a LOT Polish Airlines 767.  To be featured fifteen months after the event, the story needed to be sensationalized and distorted.

Anchor Brian Williams opened the hype with, "Tonight on Rock Center, a catastrophic failure in mid-air with 231 lives in the balance and the only chance for survival had never been tried before.  Tonight, Lester Holt goes moment by moment inside an unprecedented crisis."

What catastrophic failure? A landing gear problem is not a catastrophic failure.

And, "231 lives in the balance?" With never a fatality in an airline belly landing, how are 231 lives in the balance?
"... more



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