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I can't believe I'm sitting here writing this...


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Again the words of the pilot eased my mind. I made friends with a male flight attendant on the plane who shared my interests in working out and other things. He was talking to us for over two hours on the flight and also kept me at ease. He even brought us some extras from first class, warm nuts, hot cookies, and offered us drinks. When we were close to landing about an hour away,  I was standing in the front of the plane talking with Dave the flight attendant and we started to hit some rough air, he told me to relax…”it’s gonna be a bit rough because of some high winds, don’t worry we will be on the ground soon”. I took my seat and was completely calm even though I couldn’t see any of the wing through the dark clouds. The plane was bumping around but everything was fine. No problems with the plane and no problems with me.

About 10 minutes before landing Dave came back and said “congratulations, here is a bottle of champagne for you and your fiancé to enjoy when we land in Boston”. This entire experience was absolutely amazing. California was beautiful; we had the time of our lives, and were all back safe.

The flights were fine as Captain Tom promised they would be, and it was all made possible by SOAR and the extra attention that Captain Tom provided me though out the preparations to take this flight. I recommend this course to anyone who has a fear of flying, from those who won’t fly at all (like I was) or those who maybe feel a bit uncomfortable flying. It works 100%! Thank you Captain Tom…it’s absolutely amazing!!!"

A SOAR Graduate

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