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Reviews by SOAR Graduates

I can't believe I'm sitting here writing this...

Client Background Summary:

  • 11 years since got on a plane

Client Review Summary:

  • I had put off flying for so long that I had to do something about it.
  • It works 100%! Thank you Captain Tom…it’s absolutely amazing!!!
  • This course even helped me with anxiety on bridges, elevators, and tunnels.

Client Review:

I can’t believe I am sitting here writing this, because I never believed I would have ever flown again after a fearful flight I had experienced 11 years ago. That all changed once I found Captain Tom Bunn and his SOAR program.

I’m getting married this summer and knew that my fiancé would love to go to Italy for our honeymoon. I had put off flying for so long that I had to do something about it. I planned to try the program that has helped so many others, but I was still uncertain how this course would really help someone as terrified as I am about flying. I purchased the program, went through the exercises and booked a trip to California so I could “test out” a longer flight to prepare myself for the intercontinental flight to Italy.

Of course, being a complete disaster when it comes to even thinking about flying I had an extreme amount of questions for Captain Tom, which he answered truthfully and with a great deal of knowledge and compassion any time a question about flying would pop into my head. He has an amazing calming and reassuring effect that I can not explain in words. I continued my training and the program right up until the day before my first flight in 11 years. There I was traveling in a car to Boston’s Logan airport…nervous but not overwhelmed. The night before the flight in the hotel room I didn’t really sleep much at all as I could not believe I was really going to go through with this.

When we arrived at the airport and checked in I looked over at the plane I would be boarding soon, felt a bit anxious and called Captain Tom at 6:45AM…I think he was expecting me because he picked right up as he always does and answered my questions. He promised me that as soon as I met the captain the training would “kick in”, still I felt a bit skeptical I must admit. I handed my letter to the attendant and she agreed to board me and my entire party first.

Once in the jet way I felt my heart racing and my throat become dry…until the captain greeted me at the door and told me to come into the cockpit. I sat there in the co-pilot seat as he went over all the safety systems and all the great technology on board. He told me he would make announcements if we hit a few bumps along the way and told me he would have the crew check in with me. Within minutes I was completely calm as if I had never had a bad thought about flying. I took my seat and prepared for takeoff…calmly.

We taxied out and were in the air in minutes. I sat there reading my magazine as if I had done this many times and was a professional at flying. My fiancé and others in my party just looked at me in disbelief as they were expecting me to freak out, but I never did. The entire crew was great and checked up on me every so often. By the end of the flight I was walking around making friends with the flight attendants and other passengers. I must admit the turbulence is still a bit unnerving but logistics kick in and remind you that nothing can happen it’s just “chop”. We landed in California’s LAX and I was completely ecstatic. So proud and so happy that I finally got to travel to a place that I had been looking forward to visiting for so long. So happy to beat a fear that was keeping me trapped for years. This course even helped me with anxiety on bridges, elevators, and tunnels.

My return trip was even easier to handle even though the circumstances were a bit different. I actually slept through the night before the flight and was ok all the way to the airport. Once again I got a little revved up once I saw the plane I was about to board had its engine compartments open and mechanics adding oil to them.  The attendant would not board me first on this flight but I ran into the captain as he was about to board the plane, I handed the letter to him and he allowed me to walk on with him. He smiled at me and said, “relax the dangerous part is over, you’re already at the airport”. He reassured me that there was no problem with the engines it was just routine oil being added. He even showed me the log book and told me they were checking over an electrical system that he wanted a look at. He then told me that he wouldn’t fly the plane if it were unsafe by law and by his standards as he had a family to get home to as well...

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